How To Wash Stuffed Animals Safely!

Disney Winnie the Pooh Plush Toy - 13''There he is, Good Ol' Winnie the Pooh!

My son LOVES his Pooh, and has slept with
PoohBear every night since he could grasp a
stuffed animal with his hands.

There have been times, poor Pooh has been covered with food,
and... vomit.

I learned the hard way - HOW TO WASH STUFFED ANIMALS.

And I'm sharing today with you.

1.  Do not do what I did the 1st time and simply throw the stuffed animal in the washer, and then the dryer.  The stuffed animal will lose some 'fur' and after the dryer, will smell burnt and be singed (We had to throw that Pooh out and run to the store and get an exact replica, luckily, my son was too young to notice- at the time).

So, How do you clean/wash stuffed animals safely?

1.  Put the stuffed animal in a pillow case.

2.  Close the pillow case with a rubber band.

3.  Put it in in the washer, run it.

4.  Put it (still in the pillow case) in the dryer.

It will come out looking like new :)

I've done this, I know it works!

Sweet Dreams!


Stimey said...

This is a great tip. I'm going to store it away in my "to remember" brain file.

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