Get Your Deal Of the Day, from Juice in The City

Howdy HouseHold Tippers!
I want to let you in on a new program for you and your 'HouseHold'.
Welcome To Juice in The City Deals!
Every Day you will see the Juice in the City Deal to the right,
simply click on it to like it and to take advantage of the deal!
When enough people like it, it then offers a discount or coupon to that establishment!
I’m a Founding Member of the DC Juice in the City! But wherever you are, you will see a deal for your closest city.
As this online community grows you will see instead of ‘like it’ change to just a coupon under the deal for you and your family, so just click on it now!
Again, DC has just launched so click on ‘Like It’,
but, for example, the San Fran Bay Area has been up and running for a month or so, so if you’re tuning in from the San Fran area, you’re seeing a discount off some activity there! Get it?
Cities are now been added all over the country and will be changing from ‘Like It’ to strictly discounts for you and your family!
So again, whenever you like a deal, please click on it to insure that a discount will next be offered from this establishment, or if you simply see a discount to print out- do it!
It’s that simple :)


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