Another Tip About 'Adjustable' Kitchen Gadgets

KitchenArt Pro 2 Cup Adjust-A-Cup, Champagne Satin FinishWe're ending the week here at HouseHold Tips Blog
with another tip from from a Reader!

There is a lot of interest out there about 'adjustable' measuring
whether they be spoons, or cups... or something else.

A HouseHold Tips Reader, Tech Savvy Mama (who is Super Cool, a Great Mom and has a fantastic blog about all things Tech + Being a Mom) found another adjustable measuring  cup...

I, myself, have never been to a Pampered Chef Party, but what a great success story!  
It's a MOM business, started in 1980,
and now... a $700 million enterprise!

Not only a good HouseHold Tip today,
but also,
Some Good Inspiration Today!

Happy HouseHold Tips!

Another Grocery List Tip!

Hello HouseHold Tippers!

We continue this week with sharing Tips from more readers!

Today, another great tip about keeping grocery lists during the week!

It's from April- 'It's All About Balance' blog and she added:

"My list is on a pad with a magnet on my refrigerator. It's the perfect place for remembering to write it down without having to go hunting or create clutter. (Then I copy the list onto my BBerry in case I forget it on grocery shopping day.)"

GREAT TIP!  Thanks April!

Diamond Cleaning Tip!

14K White Gold 3 Three Stone Round Diamond Ring (1/4 cttw) - Size 8

Welcome Back to 'HouseHold Tips Readers Week'!

We're sharing tips and hints from other Crafty HouseHold Tippers that read this blog!

Today, another tip about cleaning diamonds!

This one comes from Rhonda Grice of Upper Hand Depot Blog!  Rhonda commented on my post about using toothbrushes and toothpaste to clean diamonds.
So here's Rhonda's Tip:

'If you don't have toothpaste, just run your diamonds under hot water. They will sparkle like new!'

Thanks Rhonda!

Yes, sometimes all diamonds need is a good rinse- 
after all- they are diamonds!

A Cleaning Tip For Shower Doors

Procter & Gamble 43515 Mr. Clean Magic EraserHello HouseHold Tippers!  This Week I'm sharing tips from
HouseHold Tips Blog Readers!

Back in February, I shared my excitement over Mr. Clean Magic Erasers to almost instantly clean painted surfaces- any smudge or mark on walls comes off!

HouseHold Tips Blog Reader Whitney shared that these Magic Erasers are great at cleaning glass shower doors too;  They "take away all the grime that builds up and is tough to clean."

So there you have it- HouseHold Tippers sharing HouseHold Tips!

"We got us a (HouseHold Tip) family here!"  - to (kinda) quote H.I. McDonnough 

* By the way- that movie is ranked #31 in the American Film Institute's 100 Years... 100 Laughs! *

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Instant Stain Remover... FOR FOOD STAINS

Tide To Go Instant Stain Remover Pen, 3-count Package [Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging]Today's tip is more of a review... and by the way-

*I bought this product.  When I get a free product to review- I will tell you I have been given a free sample.  We have full-disclosure here at HouseHold Tips!*

My mom suggested I get the Tide To Go Instant Stain Remover Pen.

But- Does It Work?

1.  Yes, it does work, and very well, I might add.

2.  IT ONLY WORKS on FOOD STAINS.  And it says that on the packaging.

3.  It's not a pre-wash treater, it is an instant stain remover.

4. So, to get out ketchup that your son just squirted all over his white shirt (yes, this happened)-
it works!  But don't use it in the place of a Stain Stick, to pre-treat tough stains before they go in the washer.  Better yet- on those tough, non-food stains,
like I always say-

** I do get the 3-pack of these instant stain remover pens so I can keep one upstairs, to catch any stains before they go to the wash and a couple downstairs in the kitchen so I can treat ketchup or any other food stain, right after dinner, when most food stains happen!

Have a Great Weekend!  Next Week I'm Sharing HouseHold Tips from Readers- so if you have a HouseHold Tip- Leave a Comment Below or Email Me!  Thanks!

Put Your Recycling... AWAY

Today's HouseHold Tip is pretty straight-forward.

Put Your Recycling Away.

Make a Space For it.  And that space shouldn't be the back corner of your kitchen.

Create some room in a pantry or closet or 'mud room'.  I decluttered and organized to make room in one of my kitchen closets- for our recycling bin.  It's very accessible and yet, when you close the door to the closet-
it's gone :)

Note that on the right is where I keep bags to re-use too!

This is very simple, I know.  But I'm blogging it today because I have found sometimes, in my own life,
that when solutions are very simple, 
a.k.a.- I slap my forehead and think, duh,
that they can be overlooked :)

So if you already do this- 
Great for You, you HouseHold Tipper!

If you don't-
do it today,
it doesn't take too much effort,
and makes a world of difference :)

Happy HouseHold Tips!

Evaluate Your Space- in Drawers and Closets

Kitchen Wrap OrganizerLast Week was Decluttering Week on HouseHold Tips Blog.

In Keeping with Decluttering, we're talking about
drawers and closets today- and organizing,
because decluttering and organizing
go hand-in-hand.

First of all, closet and drawer organization are not static.  You can/should
re-evaluate how you are USING YOUR SPACE in closets and drawers
from time to time.

The BEST way, in my opinion, to organize closets and drawers,
is to EVALUATE Your Space...


How often do I use this?
What do I use it for?

A perfect example is a kitchen closet/pantry/shelving.
I recently re-evaluated one of my kitchen closets where I store platters and special dishes and special pots.  I found I was overloading that space with 'specialty stuff' that I don't use every day or even once a week.  
So I went through every shelf, 
*and things that I rarely use went downstairs, 
*things that I don't use frequently went on the top shelf,
*things that I do use frequently went on the middle shelf,

*and things I use EVERY DAY,
went on the bottom shelf, 
which is chest-high, so readily available,
like- wipes, trashbags, GladWare containers and lunchbags.

This way, things I use every day are easy to grab,
and not stuffed in a corner;
everything is easy to find!


It'll make your Life Easier!

Happy Households!

The Fourth Step of DeCluttering

Hello HouseHold Tippers!

We Continue our Decluttering Week Here by Tackling 
the Last, and Perhaps,
the Hardest part of Decluttering-

4.  Evaluate Tchotchkes... and say, 'Good Bye'

Tchotchkes, Typically pronounced as 'Chach-Kees', (also the name of the restaurant where 'Joanna' played by Jennifer Aniston, works in the movie, 'Office Space'- where she is forced to wear 'flair'.)

just take up space.

Tchotchkes usually start off as things with a 
little bit of sentiment,
and are put on a shelf.

But then they just sit there,
and they sit there so long,
that you forget about them,
and just accept them as 'part of a room'
or part of your decorating.

I'm all for keeping sentimental treasures...

EVALUATE Tchotchkes from Time to Time.

Do I love this?
Why I do Want this?
Does this Add Something to my Room,
or Has it Become Clutter?

It's Good to Do this Same Exercise 
in even Storage Areas, like your basement...
Why am I saving this?
How often do I use this?
When was the last time I used this?

Take it slow at first,
if you need to,
but I guarantee,
once you start,

It's Liberating,

and feels very, very good!

Happy HouseHolds!

The Third Step of Decluttering

Decluttering Week Continues Here!

Today we talk about the Third Step of Decluttering-

3.  Remember, Everything Has A Place

If it doesn't have a place, make a place for it and put it away;
If you can't find a place for it,
It Has To Go.

Use your drawers and closets, re-organize them.

Use All Your Space.

Another Post I Did, gives a Good Example of Using Coat Closet Space.

See?  Use ALL Your Space.  Even the little space in the middle of this coat closet,
between the end of the coats and the floor,
is being used.

So there you go!

You have more room than you think!

Go DeClutter :)

The Second Step of Decluttering

Hello HouseHold Tippers!

We're breaking down Decluttering this week with Basics.

Today, the second step of Decluttering-

2.  Put Baskets 'Away'

Yesterday, we talked about using baskets as 'places to put things'.
we go to the next step-
Put those baskets, 'away', on a shelf, have a 'place' for your baskets.


There, that was easy!

The First Step Of Decluttering

Welcome to 'Decluttering Week' here at HouseHoldTipsBlog!

Decluttering is a never-ending Household Job,

But the good news is:

It's easy if you just break-it-down...

So that's what we are doing this week;

 Let's go!

1.  Use Baskets

Baskets are a first step in Decluttering (especially if you are a Mom, like me).

Toys don't have to be everywhere, and supplies that you use everyday don't have to be left out.  Put them in a basket, or just throw them in a basket.  Baskets give  EVERYTHING - A Place.  
And that's a Big Rule of Decluttering:
Everything must have a place to be put away.

And P.S.- Invest in Nice Baskets, that are similar or match... 
it brings your room together... easily :)

The Adjustable Measuring Cup... I Found It!

KitchenArt Pro 2 Cup Adjust-A-Cup, Champagne Satin Finish  

Hey There HouseHold Tippers!

Back on March 17th, I pointed out a great measuring spoon...

It's adjustable (what a great idea)!

I got a comment from a HouseHoldTips Reader, 

Wishing that there was an 'Adjustable Measuring Cup'...

Well, there is.

And I found, very quickly, that there are 2 companies that make them!

Happy Measuring!

Thanks Rhonda for your comment!

Today's Tip is:

Keep Your Eyes and Ears Open-

HouseHold Tips Can Come From Anywhere :)

It goes along with one of my favorite 'rules of life'...

If something- a chair, basket, etc. is hindering a room flow and is constantly 'in the way'... Move It.
If someone needs help with a door- Help Them.
If you're constantly looking for a broom- Go out, buy one, and have 'A Place For The Broom'.
You get the 'gist'.

So I came across a very funny blogger the other day, Kacy, who writes-

Everyday I Write the Book;

She has written a great post entitled:

It's not only hilarious... she shares Great Tips!

And in the Comments below it,

people share some really good HouseHold Tips too!

Go check it out-

Best Case Scenario: You Learn a new HouseHold Tip,

Worst Case Scenario: As Kacy says in her post, 

"If they strike you as obvious that's good news for you--
you are probably better than not-very-good..." 

And that's Great News!

So you win either way :)

I love it when that happens!

Hello HouseHold Tippers!

Here's another tip to brighten a room:

Replace Doorknobs!

We normally 'overlook' little things that make a room better or worse...

Replacing old doorknobs is a great, inexpensive way to brighten up your living room, entry way or any other place in your home!

It really adds to a 'finished' look!

We've done this all over our house- and it 'unconsciously' adds a little 'PoP' to a room!

Happy HouseHolds!

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