Put Your Recycling... AWAY

Today's HouseHold Tip is pretty straight-forward.

Put Your Recycling Away.

Make a Space For it.  And that space shouldn't be the back corner of your kitchen.

Create some room in a pantry or closet or 'mud room'.  I decluttered and organized to make room in one of my kitchen closets- for our recycling bin.  It's very accessible and yet, when you close the door to the closet-
it's gone :)

Note that on the right is where I keep bags to re-use too!

This is very simple, I know.  But I'm blogging it today because I have found sometimes, in my own life,
that when solutions are very simple, 
a.k.a.- I slap my forehead and think, duh,
that they can be overlooked :)

So if you already do this- 
Great for You, you HouseHold Tipper!

If you don't-
do it today,
it doesn't take too much effort,
and makes a world of difference :)

Happy HouseHold Tips!


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