Always Improving Containers

It's great to re-use and conserve...

BUT, every so often, you should evaluate your containers.

Case in point:  my nail box to the left.

I use this all the time to touch up my nails.  And now, because HouseHold Tips are always on my mind, I thought-

"Wow.  This is old, dusty, filled with things I don't use (old bottles of nail polish) and too big."

SO, I happen to have an extra container (the 1 on the right) and transferred the nail items I do use to that
and more efficient container.

It takes up less room in the closet!

It's great to have a container for everything.
Just remember, once you have a container, your work is not done,
you can even improve your containers,
to fit your lifestyle changes.

Have a great day!

Make Your Kitchen Sink Look Better... Easily

A Theme here at HouseHold Tips is putting things away.
Get stuff off your counters.
Have a place for everything,
and decide on that place according to how often you use a thing.

In the case of dishwashing liquid-
we're making an exception.

I use dishwashing liquid all through the day, everyone does.
The vast majority of people sit their dishwashing liquid by their kitchen sink (I don't know where those other people put it).

If it has to be out- why not make it look good??!!

I buy blue dishwashing liquid to match my kitchen AND...
put it in this container to the left.
It looks so much nicer!

For the record- this is officially a 'Gourmet Oil Bottle' I bought at The Container Store for $9.99.

This little idea rocks because I love thinking 'outside the box' about organization and
you end up conserving dishwashing liquid because it comes out in drips and little streams!

That was Easy!

Keep A Grocery List... DURING the week

That's right! Keep a grocery list during the week. This may sound simple, it's a great thought; but if you actually do it-
It saves time AND money!

Get a small notepad, better yet- go to your local drugstore or supermarket and get a pack of small notepads.

Take 1 and devote it to grocery shopping.  Yep, this 1 is strictly for grocery lists, period.

Next, do not leave it out on a counter, or even in an out-of-the-way corner.  If you leave it out- it's OFFICIALLY CLUTTER, and we do not allow clutter here at the HouseHold Tips Blog.

It gets it's own place in a drawer or cupboard.  Find a little space that is easy to get to, and place it there, WITH it's own pen.  DONE.

Now, during the week when you're upstairs and you notice that you're low on toilet paper, you won't say to yourself, 'Remember to get toilet paper at the store next time.'  You will just write it down on your 'grocery' pad.  This way, at any given time, you have itemized things you need for your HouseHold.

You won't forget it when you're at the store, or when you're making a list right before going to the store because it is already ON THE LIST.

I have also found that making grocery lists PREVENTS over-buying, and thus, wasting food,

Make your Life a Little Easier.  Make the Effort to Make a Space for a List.
Pretty Soon It Will Become A Habit.

Happy HouseHolds!

Use Up Your Kitchen Pantry!

Let's talk today about economizing, efficiency... as well as, BEING GREEN!  You can do these 3 things quite easily- by simply using up your kitchen pantry!

All that stuff you have in your pantry- take it all out and make some new recipes for dinner!  Gravy packets, crackers, rice... whatever!

This is also a great way to declutter!!  Yey, another bonus!!

And thank you to one of my favorite Eco-Friendly Bloggers for originally giving me this idea over a year ago; I LOVE THIS IDEA and do it every few months!  It's fantastic!

And check out The Green PhoneBooth for more GREEN IDEAS !!

Great Linen Closet Solution!

Here is a great linen closet solution!


You know immediately HOW MANY you have...

And it looks nice!  No?

I love this idea, I do it with towels, as well as sheets.  It's especially good for sheets and pillow cases!!

It organizes your linen closet- presto!  

Thanks to my Mother-in-Law for introducing this idea to me!


We're going to talk a lot on this blog about 'Decluttering'.  
Why?  Because I hear about it a lot.  
It seems to be hard for some people, 
but I'm here to tell you it's not!

We'll get into details in other posts, but to start-

For Decluttering you only need to do 2 Things-

1.  This first one is psychological.  A lot of people are comforted by having 'stuff'.  Concentrate on yourself, not your 'stuff'.  'Stuff' is just that- stuff.  Any items in your home that do not do anything, serve a purpose, or are not decorative-
You Do Not Need.
Give them to charity or throw them out!  Take a deep breath, and repeat.  Give them to charity or throw them out!

2.  Have a Place for Everything.  That's it.  
Have a place for everything.  And don't have it be the counters.  Everything should be put away, so everything should have somewhere to be put.

This 2nd one involves the big secret of decluttering, so I'll whisper it...

shhhhhh-     being organized     -shhhhhh   

You need to organize your drawers and closets so you have somewhere for things to be 'put away'.  Do not worry, we will tackle those things and more on this blog!

Just think about those 2 things today-  *you don't need 'stuff' and *have a place for everything.

Happy Households!

HYDROGEN PEROXIDE is fabulous when it comes to helping around the house!

It has many uses.  It is a weak acid.  It has strong oxidizing properties, and is a powerful bleaching agent.  It is used as a disinfectant, antiseptic and oxidizer.

You can find it at any grocery store or drug store... and it's INEXPENSIVE-
YEY- another plus!

I'm so psyched about the uses of Hydrogen Peroxide that I'm making it a label for this blog, and I'm starting out by telling you about Hydrogen Peroxide and blood stains...

Hydrogen Peroxide absolutely gets out blood. period.

If it's a fresh stain on clothing, when you apply the peroxide, the blood stain will 'fizz'- literally.

If it doesn't come out right away, just soak it a little...

And you're done!

Happy Households :)

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A New Decade!

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