Always Improving Containers

It's great to re-use and conserve...

BUT, every so often, you should evaluate your containers.

Case in point:  my nail box to the left.

I use this all the time to touch up my nails.  And now, because HouseHold Tips are always on my mind, I thought-

"Wow.  This is old, dusty, filled with things I don't use (old bottles of nail polish) and too big."

SO, I happen to have an extra container (the 1 on the right) and transferred the nail items I do use to that
and more efficient container.

It takes up less room in the closet!

It's great to have a container for everything.
Just remember, once you have a container, your work is not done,
you can even improve your containers,
to fit your lifestyle changes.

Have a great day!


Kate Coveny Hood said...

I love reorganizing closets for this very reason. I get a rush from throwing away old, unneeded stuff...which is ironic since I also have a bit of a pack rat streak.

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