Great Linen Closet Solution!

Here is a great linen closet solution!


You know immediately HOW MANY you have...

And it looks nice!  No?

I love this idea, I do it with towels, as well as sheets.  It's especially good for sheets and pillow cases!!

It organizes your linen closet- presto!  

Thanks to my Mother-in-Law for introducing this idea to me!


Anonymous said...


This is a great web site. I have about 1,000 tips that I didn't share with you when you set up housekeeping.

Jennifer/Connectwithyourteens said...

What a great idea. My linen closet is always a mess. Thanks. Love the new site.

Katherine said...

Nicole - Great idea. I just might have to try it. I'm finding that I'm running out of room in my linen closet. Maybe this is make a little more room to fit everything. Katherine

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