The First Step Of Decluttering

Welcome to 'Decluttering Week' here at HouseHoldTipsBlog!

Decluttering is a never-ending Household Job,

But the good news is:

It's easy if you just break-it-down...

So that's what we are doing this week;

 Let's go!

1.  Use Baskets

Baskets are a first step in Decluttering (especially if you are a Mom, like me).

Toys don't have to be everywhere, and supplies that you use everyday don't have to be left out.  Put them in a basket, or just throw them in a basket.  Baskets give  EVERYTHING - A Place.  
And that's a Big Rule of Decluttering:
Everything must have a place to be put away.

And P.S.- Invest in Nice Baskets, that are similar or match... 
it brings your room together... easily :)


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