A Cleaning Tip For Shower Doors

Procter & Gamble 43515 Mr. Clean Magic EraserHello HouseHold Tippers!  This Week I'm sharing tips from
HouseHold Tips Blog Readers!

Back in February, I shared my excitement over Mr. Clean Magic Erasers to almost instantly clean painted surfaces- any smudge or mark on walls comes off!

HouseHold Tips Blog Reader Whitney shared that these Magic Erasers are great at cleaning glass shower doors too;  They "take away all the grime that builds up and is tough to clean."

So there you have it- HouseHold Tippers sharing HouseHold Tips!

"We got us a (HouseHold Tip) family here!"  - to (kinda) quote H.I. McDonnough 

* By the way- that movie is ranked #31 in the American Film Institute's 100 Years... 100 Laughs! *


Household tips and tricks said...

Baking soda also works great on shower doors.

Try making it into a paste with 1 part soda to 2 parts water, rubbing on and leaving for 1/2 hour before scrubbing with a wet cloth.

PS love your blog!

joshef halw said...

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celine sanderson said...

It's so important to keep your shower doors clean, like you mentioned! I'm going to try these products you recommended when we install our new shower door. I'm really excited! It's going to slide out on either end!
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Sylvia Sanderson said...

Keeping your shower doors clean is worth it. I think I'm going to see how well these products work. I think we lost our shower door cleaner when we moved.

Avelin Wright said...
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Avelin Wright said...

Cleaning Shower Doors could be easy and more efficient!!!
Thanks for sharing....

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