Today's Tip is:

Keep Your Eyes and Ears Open-

HouseHold Tips Can Come From Anywhere :)

It goes along with one of my favorite 'rules of life'...

If something- a chair, basket, etc. is hindering a room flow and is constantly 'in the way'... Move It.
If someone needs help with a door- Help Them.
If you're constantly looking for a broom- Go out, buy one, and have 'A Place For The Broom'.
You get the 'gist'.

So I came across a very funny blogger the other day, Kacy, who writes-

Everyday I Write the Book;

She has written a great post entitled:

It's not only hilarious... she shares Great Tips!

And in the Comments below it,

people share some really good HouseHold Tips too!

Go check it out-

Best Case Scenario: You Learn a new HouseHold Tip,

Worst Case Scenario: As Kacy says in her post, 

"If they strike you as obvious that's good news for you--
you are probably better than not-very-good..." 

And that's Great News!

So you win either way :)

I love it when that happens!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE this tip!! Much better than spending hundreds of dollars on machines and sprays and zappers. We will definitely try it this weekend.
Liz T.

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