Don't Go Discount on these 2 HouseHold Items

Glad ForceFlex Tall Kitchen Bags, 13 Gallon (120 Bags)

Hello HouseHold Tippers!

I've told you before in my post about going discount on blenders,
not to do it.  I learned it the hard way- so you don't have to :)

Now for a couple of little tips about what not to go discount on-
in your house.

1.  Toilet Paper - this is pretty self-explanatory.

2.  Kitchen Garbage Bags - don't be lulled into discount garbage bags, they really aren't as good or strong and they will break.  Pay the little extra for sturdy bags- they'll hold more and won't tear!

Happy HouseHolds!


Nita said...

I have found that the Target Up&Up brand garbage bags that are reinforced like the ForceFlex bags work quite well. If I really push, I can put a hole in it but with normal use that a regular generic bag can't handle, no problem. I even put a pizza box in one last week and it was just fine.

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Smart_Margauz said...

This is ideal. hotel are using this kind of household items too. Big thank for sharing your valuable insight.

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