How To Keep Toilets Clean

Vanish Drop-InsHello HouseHold Tippers!

Today a nice, easy tip to help you keep your toilets clean!

I've been trying new cleaning tools
from time to time to share on this blog.  My latest, successful, discovery?
Vanish Drop-Ins (or the generic).

Simply put 1 of these in your toilet tank (drop it in- get it? :), wait 10 minutes before you flush your toilet, and that's it.  It will clean your toilet every time you flush!

My advice- you don't need these in every single toilet, put 1 of these in your toilet with the most traffic.  I put it in my half-bath right off the living room.  They are inexpensive, easy and add cleanliness to your bathroom... what's not to love?!

PooF!  That Was Easy!


Ann Ann said...
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Ann Ann said...

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