Window Well Covers Help Snow Removal

Maccourt Products W4018-DIB Do it Best Window Well CoverAnother page taken from,

'What I Learned from the DC Snowpocalypse of 2010' is...

Get Window Well Covers!

Window Well Covers are permanent or temporary covers for your window wells... hence, the name.

I'm getting window well covers (temporary ones, I'll explain in a minute) for the 2 front window wells of our house, because I spent a lot of time over the past month digging and digging and digging snow out of them.

You need to get snow out of window wells because

  • when the snow melts, it can cause leaks... and leaks are never good.  
  • the snow can freeze and damage the screen or the window (we have to replace a screen).
PLUS, You're also saving yourself a-whole-lotta work by simply getting a sturdy, plastic, window well cover to protect your basement window- because you won't have to shovel out the snow!

If you live in a very cold place where snowfalls-of-a-foot are commonplace, you probably already have window well covers... and they are permanent.  Good for you, you need them!

For The Rest Of Us-

Here's the simplest, easiest route to take-

Get temporary, sturdy plastic window well covers that can be snapped on and snapped off, or just placed over your window well...

  • You can place the covers over the window wells at the sign of the first snow, and just leave them there for the winter
  • Make sure to get a rounded/dome one, not flat (we all know what happens to flat roofs when a lot of snow falls- it's the same with window wells covers)
  • you can find these 'temporary window well covers' EVERYWHERE, I googled them and every major home/garden store sells them
  • And they are very reasonable- they can range from just under $20 to $30 or $40.  That is a small price to pay to guarantee empty, snow-free window wells.
That last statement was an understatement.  I am almost having the feeling of, 

'I can't believe I didn't think of this sooner,
this is an easy solution,
you don't have to worry about water damage to your basement,
basement windows...'

Sorry, gotta run, I'm going out to get those window well covers now!

* I'm getting temporary ones because I don't want them permanently on the front of the house
and the basement gets a lot of light from the windows.


Raphael Costello said...

Thank you for this post. My cousin lives where it snows a lot, and he's been trying to figure out a way to prevent snow from getting into his basement window wells. I'll tell him that he should get some basement window well covers. Again, thank you so much.

Ruby Walters said...

Thanks, I hadn't heard about this before. I need to find a place that sells window well covers in denver co.

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