Computer Lap Desks Are a Good Idea

e-pad Travel Laptop DeskWe were at Office Depot the other day for home office floor lamps (by the way- they don't carry them) and I saw a display for Computer Lap Desks.  Each one was $19.99.  I sit in the evenings on the couch a lot with my laptop, so I decided to buy one and see if I liked it.

And I do.  It is wonderful if you find yourself sitting, banging away on your laptop, on the couch.  The one pictured is the e-pad Travel Laptop Desk By Brookstone, for $29.95 (there was no picture of mine available on the Office Depot site).

In fairness to my readers: my husband did NOT prefer to use the Lap Desk,
He does, however, have a much bigger laptop than I do.

In Googling 'Computer Lap Desks' I realized that most of the soft bottom, hard top ones,
like I bought, 
are designed for small laptops (I own an Apple MacBook)
and the smaller 'netbooks'.

My husband has the 'big-corporate-like' laptop,
so the above may explain why he just preferred 
to have his laptop on his lap.

So, if you're like me,
and own a smaller (newer) laptop,
and want a more comfortable way to do things on your laptop,
while sitting on the couch,
you may want to look into one.

Like I mentioned above-
mine was $19.99,
and for that price-
you can't go wrong.

Let me know if you have a computer lap desk that you like... or dislike!

Thanks, and

Happy HouseHolds!


morninglight mama said...

I LOVE my lap desk, and I have a netbook, so yes, I need the extra size to keep it actually on my lap. :) I have the "Multipurpose Jumbo LapDesk" and it's just perfect. It, and my netbook, have their own spots next to our couch so they're always at hand in the evening.

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