Great 'Recycling Paper' Tip

I did a post on my mom blog, BananaBlueberry
almost a year ago about recycling printer paper...
and I'm adding it to today!

Firstly, about a decade ago, when I started freelancing, I realized that I could re-use paper… umm, yeah!

So all my paper that had something on just 1 side
I put in this light blue box.  I kept using it and using it, recycling and recycling.  I put it in my printer whenever I was printing stuff out just for myself- rough drafts, articles to read, lists, etc.
Do You Know How Long It Took to Go Through That Paper Recycling Box-
And Have it Empty?
IT TOOK 10 YEARS!… What a difference Recycling Makes! 
And now for the 'updated' recycling printer paper tip:
* Many Sheets of Paper get sent home in my son's backpack- about bake sales, or projects, or the school play, etc.
They all just have print on 1 side!  So I put them in my printer, even if they are colored,
if I'm printing something out- just for me- it makes no difference...
It's even a little fun to read an article or instructions on a blue or yellow piece of paper!
This saves trees AND money :)

Happy HouseHolds!


Rhonda Grice said...

Great idea to use for printing! I take my scrap paper and cut it in note size pads and staple together for my grocery list, etc. Thanks again.

Shilu said...

great post. we are using this tip in our office as well. thankx.

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