Replace Your Vents

We've been talking lately about air filters and air ducts...
the whole 'clean air' thing.

But, what about the air vents themselves?

Look at your vents.  Yep, look at them.  You probably never do.

Are they old and painted over?

Here's a GREAT way to update a room:


See the picture?

Just buying new vents really improves the look of a room.

Just get white or colored ones to match your paint or

Go with stainless steel or 'brushed steel' to
give a more modern look!

You can find vents at any hardware store,
and for the brushed steel ones in the picture,
I went to a local 'commercial supplier' store
(where contractors go).
Each of these vents was $10, 
which at first you think is a bit expensive for an air vent,
For $10 + $10 = $20,
The Look of the Room 
A Whole Lot Better,
And 'Finished'!

** I first went to an upscale design store for stainless steel vents and quickly learned that the LEAST expensive steel vents they had were... $90 a piece,
needless to say,
I then started shopping around and found out that you should find a store that caters 
to contractors... Like I said above, I got the vents pictured for $10 a piece,
and frankly, I think they look better than the ones I saw in the 

Go forth-
And Change Those Vents!

You'll be surprised how much they improve the look of a room!


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