Recycle Paper for 'To Do' Lists

Small Spiral Notepad: MystiqueI keep a notepad in my dining room.
This pad is for keeping track of things
I want to do get done every day-
So I use a sheet of paper every day.
Usually, I go out an buy a pack of small notepads...
Well, I'm out of them now, and instead of going out and buying some new ones,
I'm recycling!
I realized my son has lots of little and big notepads in his playroom.
He likes to play school and loves to draw!
But uses up about half of the notepad and then it gets put in a stack or a pile or on a shelf... and neglected.
SO- starting today-
I'm using one of these notepads, and then another and then another and seeing how long my 'recycled notepads' will last!  I will keep you updated.

Look around Your Home.  Do you have any of these notepads or notebooks that you can use to keep your lists?  See how long you can recycle these notepads!

And let's do ourselves a favor- clean out the used sheets of paper and the cover if it's mangled... keep it nice and neat...

There- You're a Green Mama now... AND You're Organized!

PooF!  That was Easy!


shredding Houston said...

Making use again of your paper would help you save more papers for you will not be spending lots of money buying a new one. Aside from that, there are some companies who can help you out on how to dispose properly your papers for they will be collecting your papers that are no longer useful to be shred.

compactors said...

Recycled office paper and other recycled office supplies help conserve resources and generate lesser pollution during the manufacturing process because the paper fibers have already been processed.

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