Customer Service Skills for SuccessHello HouseHold Tippers!

Today, thanks to our integrated world, you can read reviews of actual customers online- before you buy a product... use this feature!
Pay special attention to Customer Service reviews when buying a product that needs to be maintained, installed, etc.

Here's a Great Example-

My Super-Mommy friend, Kristin, who also shared with us Another Great Linen Closet Solution, saw the HouseHold Tips Blog Discount on Next Day Blinds, and she's given me the go-ahead, sharing her own story about Next Day Blinds...

Kristin ordered blinds from Next Day Blinds, they came and installed them, no problem...
A few days later, a man arrived on her doorstep, introduced himself from Next Day Blinds and asked her if he could inspect her blinds and if she was happy with them.  The blinds were installed correctly, but she told him that she was NOT completely happy with them; AND THAT THIS WAS HER FAULT, not Next Day Blinds; she said the blinds were fine, she just hadn't pictured completely what they would look like kind-a-thing.  She said that the man was very nice and then left.

She got a call the next day from her customer service contact at Next Day Blinds, and the woman informed her that Kristin had been visited by their Vice President, who makes random checks on orders, without any announcement, to make sure customers are happy with their blinds.
Kristin's contact then went on to offer her new blinds, 
even though it was not Next Day Blinds's fault.

What have we learned today?  Customer Service is super important.  Kristin thanked Next Day Blinds, and kept her blinds, she likes them now :)  And she told me that they were completely professional and wonderful, and she'll always go to Next Day Blinds in the future.

... Just passing on some good consumer info :)

Happy HouseHolds!


Sheer Shades said...

Thanks for sharing this post. I will definitely read reviews before buying any products.

Jason Norin said...

Yes, a good customer service is one of the measures that is being considered by customers. That's why many companies acquire their own 1800 Number. They want their clients to be redirected to their businesses easily. Offering convenience to your clients is part of customer service.

handbag insurance said...

Wow very entertaining post Ive notice that there are many 1300 Number in Australia that giving to a business to give them many clients. Most busineses are using smart numbers to easily remember by their clients.

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