Wanna Get Rid of Flies
and Gnats
and Mosquitoes?
Yes, we all do!

Here's your answer!
I first heard about this solution last year, and blogged about it on my mom blog,
BananaBlueberry.  Basically, here's what you do-

Fill up clear plastic bags with water, close them, and sit them on tables, or around your deck to keep bugs away.  Make sure they are in the sun; the light hitting the water is confusing to flies and bugs in general, and creates a prism- creating a bug-free zone!

But wait, there's more!  I looked this up on the web and found a great video about it on eHow...
Put a couple of pennies in the little plastic bags filled with water- this makes the prisms even more confusing to bugs!  Hang them in trees around your party area, or eating area and all bugs will be gone,
again, you'll have a bug-free zone!

** Just make sure to take down and collect the plastic bags when you go inside- we don't want to leave plastic outside that squirrels or birds or other wildlife could harm themselves with!

Happy De-Bugging!


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