Closet Organization Tips!

Today a tip about closet organization.

It's very important to use ALL YOUR SPACE.

2 EASY ways to do this ARE:

1. Get a 'hanging closet rod'.  This is a closet rod that you just hang from the top one and creates an extra closet rod.  The one pictured on the bottom simply hangs from the top one.  There's no installation.  You're done!

This is especially great for kids' closets since there clothes are smaller!

This is my son's closet.  The extra closet rod creates so much space!

The second tip is this-
2.  Get a 'hanging sweater bag'.  This is on the right side of the picture.  You don't have to put sweaters in here.  I keep his swimming trunks and school gym uniforms in here.  It creates extra shelves in your closet!

I got both of these wonderful closet accessories at The Container Store, you can also check Target; both stores are great for helping you get organized!

Happy Closets Make Happy HouseHolds!


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