Use Baby Wipes For Clean Ups Too!

Baby Wipes are a necessity in a house with babies, obviously.
But they are a good helper for any household.

I keep Pampers Baby Wipes in the bathroom for removing make-up,

and generic baby wipes in the pantry of my kitchen.  Why generic in the kitchen?

Because when it comes to baby wipes- you get what you pay for... Generic wipes are a little tougher and thicker- hence: perfect for cleaning up a countertop or wiping up a quick spill!

I know this isn't the 'greenest' practice in the world, but you can put them in with your recycling!

One Last Tip for Today:  Keep wipes (and any cleaning product) where you use it.  If you don't have space for it- make space.  If it's right there, you will use it; If it's not, it becomes inconvenient and a chore.


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